Main performance and structural features: packaging form, such as film feeding, film cutting, feeding, packaging, final sealing, corner, side seal, outlet, etc. Compact, well-packaged and sealed. Multi-servo motor, 10" touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface display, the operation is clearer and more convenient. With high automation, the machine is more user-friendly. It adopts automatic cloth and transport mechanism, which is convenient for automatic production line linkage production, greatly reducing Labor cost. Adopt photoelectric photo-detection automatic detection system. If the bag is empty, no film movement is carried out to save packaging materials as much as possible. Due to the wide packaging range and easy adjustment, it can be quickly switched between different specifications and sizes. Curved and linear guides are available for more stable operation, less noise and longer life. The chain pusher and flat conveyor with two fabric feed channels are suitable for vertical or vertical vertical feed. The part can be attached to the towel clip and its end can be connected to the casing production line.
Scope of application:
Suitable for automatic packing machine and tissue paper packing machine of paper towels, paper towels, napkins, paper towels, etc.

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