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27 Fun and Exciting Kitty Party Games Ideas

One-minute Kitty Party Game Ideas 1. Thermocol and Pins. This game is really easy to arrange and can be played at any party. The thermocol balls should be... 2. Stick the Bangle. Kitty party games with bangles are really fun and colourful! Each player has to put a drop of wax... 3. Challenge Your ...

25 Best One Minute Kitty Party Games | Ladies Kitty

A one minute party game for kitty parties where each player is given one minute to pick maximum bangles of same colors with knitting needles. Check out pick the bangles kitty party game …. 19. Roman Numbers. A fun one minute party game where players have to create roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute.

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The contestants have to make a popcorn garland using the materials. The winner: The first one to finish the popcorn garland using all the popcorn in the bowl wins the game. Ps: This is one of the kitty party games where you might have to restrain yourself from not eating the tools before the game starts! 4.

30 Best Kitty Party Games [Funny, Exciting, Unique Ideas]

Kitty Party Games for Jodis 1. Search your Partner:. This is basically a card game. Paper to cover them. The coordinator should pick the same card... 2. GUESS YOUR PARTNER :. A proper filmy game with a mixture of the blindfold in it. A piece of cloth. Make pairs of... 3. Fame Game. In this game also ...

10 Latest Games to Play at Your Next Kitty Party

Tie The Knot Game for Kitty Party. In this game, one needs to take a rope and start tying knots in that. Remember that all the players should have an equal length of rope. The time limit should be one minute. Whoever ties the maximum number of knots shall be announced as the winner of this game. Make Them Fly Game for Kitty Party

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15 Games For Kitty Party That Will Make You The Best Host ...

Below mentioned are some of the interesting games for kitty party that’ll help your event go viral among your friends : 1. Alphabetic Chats. If your group likes chatting, this is certainly the best option to include in your kitty party... 2. Handbag Queen. Prove that you can carry the entire ...

Paper Games For Kitty Party Summers : Connect The Words

Paper Games For Kitty Party. If you are looking for some good and interesting paper party games for kitty party, this game might end your search. This is a very interesting and different paper party game to be played in ladies kitty party. Paper Games For Kitty Party . It is a very simple game same as my other connecting words games.

25 Fun Kitty Party Games for Indian Ladies - Indusladies.com

Ask the guests to write down all possible brands of makeup in two minutes. You can change it to cars, bags etc. It is one of the simplest yet interesting written games for kitty party. Winner: Person who has written most brands. 5. Biscuit Sliding Game. Items needed to play: Biscuits according to the number of players