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Which Soccer Position Should You Play? 10 Questions - Developed by: Benjamin Dench - Developed on: 2018-07-11 - 6,788 taken - 7 people like it. Have you ever wondered what position you are in soccer? This quiz will tell you the answer!

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About This Quiz. Soccer may not be very popular in the US, but that's often because people don't know which position they should be in. Whether striker, defense, goalie, or midfield, this quiz will help you figure it out. Read More.

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Read an overview of each position. Try the position. Once you’ve found a good fit, start playing at that position. Spend a decent amount of time playing it as you need to get accustomed to the position before making a decision. If you love the position, stick with it. If you feel that you may be better in a different position, try it out.

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Find out what soccer position is best for you!... August 25, 2013 · 8,165 takers

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Whatever level you are at, this quiz will help you determine what position you should play. The quiz at the moment, will only determine whether you should play a back, midfield or forward. There will be an updated version telling you your exact position on the field coming soon. Good luck! Created by: Liam Marsh

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If you are, you're still the goalkeeper. You're a defender! You're the last line between sanity and insanity. Keep the team together or risk squad meltdown. You're the midfield engine. Just keep running and chasing that little sphere all around. You're the forward! Goals are your business, and business is good.

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What Football Position Should I Play? To be an effective member of the team, you need to use your talents in the right position. This fun quiz will help you determine which football position is for you!

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On the Taller side. Above Average. Slightly Above Average. Slightly Below Average. Below Average. On the Shorter side. Pretty Short. I'm very short. I am the shortest person you'll ever meet.

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Quiz to find your ideal area of the field. The first step to find out your ideal position is by knowing what area of the field we prefer. There are three areas in a soccer field: defensive (includes goalkeepers and defenders), midfield (creative and defensive midfielders), and offensive field (wingers and strikers).