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Referee & Umpire Association Insurance

General Liability Insurance for Referee and Umpire Association. Sports officials need General Liability insurance to protect against lawsuits that arise out of allegations that their negligence resulted in bodily injury (typically to a participant or spectator), property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. A General Liability policy covers legal defense costs and pays settlements or adverse jury verdicts up the policy limits.


Coverage applies to US Soccer Federation (USSF) member referees who have been certified by USSF, but only while acting in their capacity as soccer referees during USSF sanctioned camps or clinics and during matches between USSF affiliated teams and leagues.

Insurance – Ask A Soccer Referee

Referees are covered only if they are registered and the teams are affiliated with U.S. Soccer, which high school is not (might be in SD as they just have a club program). You may want to check with the school and see if sports officials are covered on their policy.…

Insurance - National Association of Sports Officials

The NASO Sports Officials Security Program (S.O.S.) provides sports officials with vital lifetime insurance protections. And because officials work in an injury-prone, dispute-ridden environment, they need insurance liability protection. The program also provides officials with permanent protections plus defense costs to fill in “gaps” in any officiating coverage already in effect — and it provides you insurance even when you do not have any other coverage at all.

INSURANCE | Pioneer Soccer Referee Association

Insurance. Arbiter Officials Association Insurance Coverage. Insurance Coverage to Generally include: Excess General Liability – $1,000,000 per occurrence limit. Excess Accident Medical $50,000 accident medical/dental limit per injury. $250 deductible per injury. $2,000 limit for physical therapy and chiropractic treatment

Member Insurance – Westchester Soccer Referee Organization

As part of your WSRO dues, you have insurance from USSF that covers “USSF-certified referees … while acting in their capacity as referees … during USSF sanctioned camps or clinics and during matches between USSF affiliated teams and leagues.”. This insurance covers general liability (claims of injury to others or property damage) up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 per event.

Fast Soccer Insurance: Teams, Leagues, Youth and Adult

Soccer socks hold shin guards securely in place and should be worn at all practices and games. Mouth guards protect teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Mouth guards, while not usually required by leagues, are recommended for all soccer players. Goalie gear includes long-sleeved shirts, padded pants or shorts, and soccer-specific goalie gloves.

The Ongoing Issue of Referee Abuse in Youth Sports - SADLER ...

Sadler’s connection to referees and umpires. Sadler Insurance includes among its clients many referee and umpires associations. We provide an affordable Accident and General Liability insurance programs to insure these umpire / referee associations and their workers. Our clients have experienced cases where referees have been injured due to assault & battery resulting in Accident claims and where umpires have been sued arising out of defending themselves and resulting General Liability claims.